Vila Dalmatino
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Brela beachBrela settlement is situated about fifteen kilometres north-west from Makarska. Because of the thick pine forests, long and sand beaches, and fresh water spring, for decades Brela has had an important role in tourism of the seaside around Makarska.

The settlement consists of the older part (Gornja Brela) near the old road in the hill, and the newer part located on the coast (Donja Brela).

In Brela woods and beaches are bathed in brilliant sunshine.The breeze brings the smell of the sea and the odour of aromatic herbs is felt in the air. Seagulls cries are mixed with singing of birds. In 1968 Brela was crowned as "Champion of Jadran" for high achievements in tourist activity. The place is situated by the sea shore, between Biokovo mountain and the island of Brac. Brela is unique in its beauty with marvellous beaches, pine woods, crystal blue sea, Mediterranean climate, sport grounds, marina, ecological surrounding and relaxing peace, top quality service in luxury hotels and private accommodation. All guarantees unforgettable holidays.

Brela... clear sea, sun,... for all to enjoy. Waves are rushing on golden beaches, millions of pine needles fall softly to the ground... Natural heritage: Oak-tree at Soline, natural monument, a thousand years old with a huge crown; Biokovo mountain - natural park with several horticultural monuments (wild vegetation, geomorphological and botanical locations), panoramic view - magnificent and gorgeous jewel.

And now you belong to the land you were dreaming about. The wind blows up the sails, windsurfs are gliding and skis are competing with the white wakes of the ship. The golden pebbles are mixed with the jewels of the bay....Branches of centennial pines hide the hotels like velvet curtains, covering the cliffs like big parasols...Colours, flowers and smells are making tipical atmosphere of the Mediterranean.


There is amountain above Brela that the stars touch at night. It is a place where winds tell stories, where pine needles and flowers knit the veil around houses and restaurants and joy is competing with relaxation in the tranquillity of the nature. Brela is a jewel in untouched nature. Brela is a luxury of vegetation, sun and sea. Everything creates a special feeling and relation to Brela.

Night offer the best..... The night means meeting Brela again in its royal beauty.... Brela is the architecture of the nature and our heritage.....




VILA DALMATINO is positioned by the sea, only 50 meters away from the beaches.
It offers high - comfort apartments, air condition, Sat - TV, its own car park, a souvenir shop and a chick coffee shop.
Situated in the intermediate neighborhood you will find as well an indoor swimming pool and tidy tennis courts.